Functional and beautiful: Aira desk

Right now i’m using a desk from Ikea, not even the fanciest one there, the most basic one which is basically a plank of wood on 4 legs. That desk is accompanied by my Herman Miller Sayl chair which I adore. One day i’ll get a proper companion for my Sayl chair, one that could be the Aira desk from Herman Miller too.

It is designed by Observatory designers Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton. Their motivation was to design an “intelligent desk that acknowledged technology and the stuff that we accumulate when working, but do it in a subtle, integrated, and intuitive manner.”.

It has a solid walnut frame and have a white aluminium tapered legs.It is ultra-functional and accomodate all of the electronic devices from our workday needs. It has an elevated surface for your screen monitor and beneath, cord management openings.

Aside from its functionnality, just look at its beauty. If you’re like me, you would want to design a whole room around it. It midcentury look give a really smooth and soothing ambiance.

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