MX Master 2s

I have been using the Logitech MX Performance for about 3 years now, i’m thinking about making the switch to the MX Master 2s at some point when my MX Performance will die on me, hopefully not too soon as having a mouse this sturdy that lives so long is really nice. Though I might not make the switch right now, if you’re looking for a performance mouse for working hours at a computer, you might want to consider this one.

There are some great features about it and you might want to dig in deeper if you’re into that, but for me the most important aspect of a mouse is its ergonomic. The MX Performance feels so right in my hands that it was worth making the switch right off the bat. I came from a Apple Magic mouse and my issue was that it was so thin, the grip didn’t feel right to me and after a couple of hours I would get really uncomfortable. Since the MX Master 2s is the newer generation of the performance, i’m assuming that it will have the same ergonomics.

Here are some key features that this mouse have:

  • 7 customizable buttons
  • Customization per application is available
  • Hyperscroll wheel
  • Sidescroll wheel
  • Darkfield mouse tracking of 4000 DPI
  • Works on many surface
  • Battery is claimed to last 70 days
  • Wireless connectivity with a USB Dongle or with Bluetooth
  • Can be connected to 3 computer and have a seamless experience when moving a mouse from a computer to the other.

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